PopCult Anime Con 2018 Volunteer Information

Please read all guidelines before signing up to volunteer!

Convention Volunteering Hours:

  •  Friday 8 PM – 12 AM (midnight)
  • Saturday 9 AM – 12 AM (midnight)
  • Sunday 9 AM – 9 PM

We strongly advise that you do not wear cosplay when volunteering, especially if you choose to volunteer with set up or break down. ALL Props are prohibited during volunteering hours.

To be a PopCult Anime Con Volunteer , YOU MUST:

  • Be registered to attend PopCult Anime Con 2018
  • Be respectful and have a positive attitude
  • Be aware of your apparel before beginning a shift
  • Be at least 18 years of age prior to the first day of the Convention.

Volunteer Perks! PopCult Anime Con appreciates EVERYTHING their volunteers do.
  • Complete 4 Hours – PopCult Anime Con 2018 Volunteer Snack Pack
  • Complete 8 Hours – PopCult Anime Con Collectable Pin set!
  • Complete 12 Hours – PopCult Anime Con 2018 T-Shirt
  • Complete 16 Hours – Refund of 2018 Badge!
  • Complete 20+ Hours – You might have joined staff….and additional perks will be available!
Additional Volunteer Perks:

EARLY BIRD APPLICANTS – Volunteer Applications that are completed and accepted prior to the opening of PopCult Anime Con 2018 will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. The Early Bird drawing will be held on Saturday Morning.

Most HOURS Volunteered – The volunteer(s) with the highest number of daily hours at PopCult Anime Con 2018 will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. ALL hours must be properly documented. Drawings will be held on Sunday.

Common Volunteer Tasks:

Volunteer duties / possible assignments: Set Up / Break Down, Working with Registration, Badge Checking, Ushering Main Events / Seating, Delivering items, Controlling lines, Finding / Locating proper PopCult Anime Con STAFF for inquiries, Assisting PopCult Anime Panelists, and much more!


Your tasks would be to assist with seating at a panel, ushering seats if the room is packed, and other duties to help the panel run smoothly such as bringing a microphone to an audience member for Q&A. Prior to the start time of any event only the presenters may be admitted to that room. Do not leave an assigned location until a replacement person has arrived. Certain events and venues must never be left unattended. Volunteers should not touch electrical equipment without prior approval. If the panelist is having issues, we have a technician that can aid with any difficulties. Please contact PopCult Anime Con STAFF to request assistance.

Main Events: Registration: Special Events:

You will be given instructions by PopCult Anime Con STAFF if assigned.

Badge Checking:

You must verify attendee’s badges to make sure they are registered for the day’s events.

For 18+ events, you will need to check driver’s license / legal ID as well as Convention ID badge.

Set up/Break down:

Set up and Break Down Shifts are available and must be pre-approved by PopCult Anime Con STAFF and pre-arranged with the PopCult Anime Con Volunteer Coordinator.

The Set up and Break down teams work directly with PopCult Anime Con STAFF to get the convention up and running and put away on time and on schedule. This requires volunteers who can commit to being available before and/or after the convention. These tasks are primarily occurring on Friday and Sunday and assisting by special request at other times.

As these tasks are more physically intensive, volunteers accepted to this team will earn additional volunteer hours. These tasks are more labor intensive and require volunteers to wear clothing they would not mind getting dirty, so please dress appropriately.


What is the job of a volunteer?

Volunteers are a dedicated group of individuals who perform various tasks to help keep the convention running smoothly. You are expected to show up on time and do what is asked of you, within reason, without complaint. Please be friendly and polite to our PopCult Anime Con STAFF, all convention attendees and behave in a professional manner when representing PopCult Anime Con.

What types of jobs does a volunteer do?

It can vary from setting up the convention itself, to assisting in a panel room or at a main event. You may need to sit, stand or walk for long periods of time. You may need to lift up to 25 pounds.

Why should I volunteer?

Besides the fact that you’re awesome for thinking about it? For every four hours you work there are some awesome prizes for your service.

I’ve never volunteered before. Is that a problem?

Nope! No specific skills are required. As long as you’re of age and are willing to help, you’re a volunteer in our eyes.

If I volunteer, how long do I have to work?

We can work a schedule around your availability. We want you to enjoy the convention first and foremost! Volunteers will be assigned in 4 hour time blocks. You may volunteer as many hours as you wish, and the more hours you do, the more perks you get.  Please notify PopCult Anime Con STAFF or the PopCult Anime Con Volunteer Coordinator if you must leave any assignment early.

I filled out the form, now what?

You will receive a confirmation email once the form has been submitted, then you must show up at the convention!  Once you have picked up your badge and registration go to the Info Desk and check in with the Volunteer Coordinator,  we will find hours for anyone who shows up to work!  Signing up early gets you bonus perks and first choice of tasks.

If you’ve any other questions in mind please email the PopCult Anime Con Chair at: conchair@popcultanimecon.com 


Present yourself positively. This includes good personal hygiene, grooming and mode of dress. Please dress appropriately and remember that costume and cosplay are discouraged while on shift.

Be Seen. On Duty Volunteers will wear volunteer identification (vest or sash) that MUST be worn during volunteer shifts ONLY. Please do not wear volunteer identification when off duty. It is your responsibility to return your volunteer gear and retrieve it for your next shift. You are assigned to provide basic customer service for panelists and attendees and perform other duties as requested.

Know your contacts. If issues arise, first report them to PopCult Anime Con STAFF at your assignment location. If there is serious trouble, contact the PCAC Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible. Your duty as a volunteer is to report any issues to the appropriate PopCult Anime Con STAFF, not to resolve any issues on your own.

Perform your duties as agreed. Be on-time for your volunteer assignment. All restrictions or conditions which may impact your duties must be disclosed prior to beginning a volunteer shift. Perform duties as needed or as directed by PopCult Anime Con STAFF or other staff member in charge of the venue. If you are asked to perform a reasonable duty, refusal may result in being dismissed as a volunteer. Should an emergency or necessity arise, please notify a PopCult Anime Con STAFF member as soon as possible, preferably before leaving your station.

Get recognized. Throughout the convention, PopCult Anime Con STAFF will have the opportunity to recognize you for taking initiative and / or aiding them greatly. All recognitions will be recorded and recalled during PopCult Anime Con 2018 Last Dance. Special Awards and prizes may be presented to those volunteers who stand out to PopCult Anime Con STAFF. Special Recognition Awards / Prizes will be given at the Last Dance. We can mail items to you if you have to leave before then.

Violations / Sanctions. Volunteering while under the influence of, or the use of, non-prescribed mood altering drugs, substances, and / or alcohol is strictly prohibited while on shift. Substance abuse, or any other violation of the PopCult Anime Convention rules of conduct, hotel rules, state or federal laws while volunteering, may result in your being dismissed as a volunteer. In serious cases, your convention badge may be revoked without refund and local law enforcement may be contacted. You may also be banned from all future PopCult Anime Convention events.

Thank you for reading through the Volunteer information! Still interested in Volunteering at PopCult Anime Con?  Then fill out the form here: PCAC Volunteer Sign-up Form