Panel Submissions Close July 1st, 2018

Thank you for your interest in hosting a panel at PopCult Anime Con 2018! As we are a multi-genre convention, we love having panels which cover a broad range of interests! Please feel free to apply with a panel about any topic. Please read our panel guidelines below carefully before applying for a panel.

General Rules:
-Please respect the panel space you are being provided. Panel rooms should be just as clean and orderly upon your leaving as they were when you came in.
-Please do not have any messy materials such as glitter/confetti, etc in your panel. If you are doing a workshop which could potentially get a bit messy, please note this with your application and bring something like newspaper to protect surfaces.
-Panelists must be pre-registered for the convention. If you have not yet purchased your badge, please do so now!

Group-Run Panels:
If you are part of a group that is submitting a panel, your group must choose a panel leader who will act as the contact for the rest of the group. Your panel leader should be the one submitting their name & email on the panel application. Please list any other group members/your group name as you would like it listed in the schedule under “Presentation name” on the form.

Our panel rooms are equipped with large flat screen televisions and an HDMI cable. We do have a Mac-to-HDMI cable available if needed.
You must provide your own laptop/computer (if needed).
The hotel’s free WiFi is available in the convention space; however, we suggest that any necessary files for your panel be saved to your computer in the event of WiFi connectivity issues.

Panel Times:
Panels will be given a block of either 60 or 90 minutes. We will provide time in between panels for set-up/break down.

18+ Panels:
If your panel contains R-rated language, sexual, overly violent, or obscene material which would be unsuitable for minors, it must be submitted as an 18+ panel.
If an ALL AGES panel is found to have content which is NOT appropriate for all ages, PopCult Anime Con staff reserves the right to end the panel immediately. Depending on the circumstance, the panelist may not receive their badge reimbursement (if eligible) and may not be asked to return as a panelist at PCAC in the future.

Panel Acceptance:
You will be contacted by staff in regards to your panel’s acceptance by mid-July.
Panels will be selected by PCAC Panels Staff. In the event that two similar panels are submitted, we will select the one submitted first and the second will be placed on a waitlist.

Click here to submit your panel today!

If you have any further questions, please e-mail Kelly at