Staff Code

Code of Conduct:

Staff are viewed as representatives of PopCult Anime Con to the public, regardless of whether they are on duty at the convention or not.  All staff members must agree to follow the code of conduct or face disciplinary action, as spelled out in the staff guidelines.

  1. All staff members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner. 
  2. Staff members must read and follow all rules and internal policies of PopCult Anime Con, and the Sheraton Framingham.
  3. Discrimination and/or Harassment of any form will not be tolerated by anyone, at any level and should be reported promptly to the Security Head or Con Chair.
  4. Illegal substances are not permitted in staff hotel rooms or in the convention areas.
  5. Staff are not allowed to consume alcohol while on duty.
  6. While off duty, staff members are welcome to enjoy the convention; however they must still be in a condition to work their shifts as required.
  7. Staff Shirts must be worn while On Duty, and taken off when Off Duty. (Cosplay exceptions must be approved by Department Heads and/or Con Chair)
  8. Staff badges must be displayed at all times, especially if wearing cosplay.
  9. Staff will not abuse the privileges of having a staff badge.
  10. Staff members are not permitted to allow non-staff in staff hotel rooms or staff-only locations. 

And above all else! (Remember the Golden Rule!)

11. All staff must be respectful and mindful of their fellow staffers, hotel roommates, guests, industry personnel, vendors, and the convention attendees.  

Dress Code:

Being a representative of PopCult Anime Con not only means being your best self, but also taking care of yourself.  Please take advantage of your staff benefits to follow the 5-2-1 rule* Every Day!

  1. Please be clean and presentable while on duty.
  2. While on Duty staff members must wear their staff shirt unless exempted by their Department Head.
  3. Staff members may not cosplay while on duty without the approval of their Department Head or Con Chair.
  4. Any cosplay that is worn should not impede any staffer from performing their duties and should follow the overall convention cosplay guidelines.  (This does mean no hand-held props or weapons.)

*The 5-2-1 Rule is defined as: 5 hours of sleep, 2 meals and 1 shower each day.