PopCult Anime Con welcomes CiaoBirdie Cosplay!

CiaoBirdie Cosplay!


CiaoBirdie Cosplay (who also goes by Birdie) is a local New England cosplayer from Providence, RI.  She has been cosplaying for 5 years and has won several top honor awards for craftsmanship.  Her cosplay interests are varied, and range from Disney and Star Wars to video games, movies and steampunk.  Her skills include sewing, armor making, thermoplastics, makeup, body paint, and pattern-making.  She spends much of her free time volunteering with several local charity costuming groups, adding to her ever-growing list of future costumes, and also spending time behind the camera doing cosplay photography.

You can follow more of Birdie’s costuming work on facebook and instagram!

Welcome Back, Odaiko New England!



Odaiko New England is making it’s return to PopCult Anime Con’s second year!

At the forefront of creativity and excellence in the living art form of American taiko, Odaiko New England harnesses the transformative power of the Japanese drum through performance and education to bring diverse communities together, promote positive images of Asian American culture, and celebrate our multicultural society.
They will be doing a live performance and a workshop where attendees can participate in and learn about taiko!
Check out their Website and Facebook!

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