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New Guest Artist, Sin D’Angelo!

Sin D’Angelo – “One Lovely Sin”


Sin is a Western Massachusetts-based artist, specializing in original work, anime/manga and traditional styled caricatures and web comics. She began her career drawing caricatures at Six Flags New England at age 18. After years of freelance work as a caricature artist, she was discovered by Hemlock Inyx and became the offical artist for PopCult Anime in 2006. Soon after, Sin branched out to form Plastic Love Studios. A few years after, she emerged as a solo artist known as “One Lovely Sin”. Sin has toured many conventions in the northeast and as far south as Washington D.C. and in the past, has been invited as an Industry Guest to ConnectiCon and Another Anime Convention. Sin is best known for her original artwork, beloved caricature I.D. Badges and Buttons, as well as two original web comics “MachineGun Angel” and “Sweet Dreams Bakery”.

deviantART gallery:
Sweet Dreams Bakery:
MachineGun Angel:

Thank You, Comics ‘n More!

We would like to give a Huge Thank You to Comics and More in Easthampton, MA.


They generously donated over 500 volumes of Manga to our Manga Library! We can not thank them enough, and hope that our fellow fans will check them out the next time they are in Easthampton, MA. Such generous people deserve our love and support!

Panel Applications Open!

Do you think you have what it takes to run a fun-filled and engaging panel at PopCult Anime Con?  Please, let us know!

Do you want to share your expertise on the history of women in comics?  Do you want to talk about early sci-fi has shaped our world today? Maybe you are just interested in a ‘subs versus dubs’ debate?

If you are morre hands-on, we also have Workshop Panels waiting to be filled!  Maybe you want to host a panel where you teach others to make their own plushies, or how to craft props for cosplay?

Whatever your interest, if you want to get involved just fill it out the PCAC Panel Submission Form

We are very excited to hear from you!

A Message from the Founder, Hemlock Inyx

Welcome to the PopCult Anime Con Website!

One of the best things about the Anime and Geek fandom is the community that we’ve created. Where you can go to an event and talk to almost anyone there and have something in common. It could be a character or story you both love, the joys and trials of cosplay, or just being in a place where you feel you belong. This is the sort of event that I want PCAC to be, where fans feel they belong. I will never forget the first time I felt that way, attending year one of Anime Boston, or my first time attending Otakon, that I was finally with ‘my people’. It’s a feeling I want to give to every Anime and Geek culture fan out there. That you have a community of people that understand you and the things that you love.

So my promise to the Anime and Geek community is this; that PCAC will always strive to be an inclusive event for the fans, where fans can feel safe to be themselves, where fans can express themselves, and enjoy the things that they love. And I look forward to giving that wonderful feeling of being with ‘Your People’ to the next generation of Anime and Geek fans.

Thank you,
Hemlock Inyx~

Wanted: Manga Donations for PCAC’s Library!

This is a call for donations for the manga library, so if you have any titles of Manga, Light Novels, or other Graphic Novels that you would like to donate let us know! E-mail us at
We will have a donation box at the PopCult Anime Con’s promo table at Anime Boston, 2016. (Look for us right outside the Vendor’s room entrance!)
As an awesome Bonus! The Con Chair has agreed to offer a FREE Pass to PCAC for anyone who donates 35+ books at Anime Boston. (Some rules apply, only one pass per person, and must be 35 different books, no multiples of the same title)

Can’t wait to see everyone one at Anime Boston! Make sure you swing by the promo table to say hi, purchase your tickets, and make some Sand Art with us!

New Guest: Lady Cels

PopCult Anime Con is pleased to present the fabulously talented cosplayer, Lady Cels!


Lady Cels was born in 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts. She earned her BFA in Technical Theatre/Costume Tech from University of Connecticut in May 2014. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Puppetry while pursuing costumes on the side. Lady Cels started cosplaying in 2005 (Sewing since 2003). She quickly started earning awards at small, local conventions for my craftsmanship and designs. She later went on to win a few awards at bigger conventions. She actively teaches and writes tutorials for the cosplay community and is always striving to provide the best costumes she can.


Lady Cels will be having a special display at PopCult Anime Con, which our attendees can see her works and learn about her cosplay experiences.