New featured Panelist: Doppoganga

PopCult is proud to announce that Doppoganga will be a panelist for 2017!


Doppoganga is a Boston bound YouTuber that expresses his creativity through a variety of production media with a strong influence of anime and video games. He’s been performing on stages for 5 years at various conventions and has won numerous awards for performance doing action skits. He has been a YouTuber for 6 years doing action, comedy, and music videos; whether it’s anime-related or in general. Recently, he’s been getting cosplayers involved with making short skits or action scenes–giving them a chance to have fun and showcase their cosplay.  Doppoganga’s skills include filmmaking, action choreography, rapping, and spoken word poetry, all of which are inspired by anime.
You can find Doppoganga on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

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