New Guest: Lady Cels

PopCult Anime Con is pleased to present the fabulously talented cosplayer, Lady Cels!


Lady Cels was born in 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts. She earned her BFA in Technical Theatre/Costume Tech from University of Connecticut in May 2014. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Puppetry while pursuing costumes on the side. Lady Cels started cosplaying in 2005 (Sewing since 2003). She quickly started earning awards at small, local conventions for my craftsmanship and designs. She later went on to win a few awards at bigger conventions. She actively teaches and writes tutorials for the cosplay community and is always striving to provide the best costumes she can.


Lady Cels will be having a special display at PopCult Anime Con, which our attendees can see her works and learn about her cosplay experiences.