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PopCult Anime Con 2018 has the following Staff Positions available. 

All Staff Members are required to adhere to the Staff Code of Conduct.

Video Programing Director:

The Director of Video Programming is responsible for all anime video programming at the convention. They will need to receive suggestions, create a schedule of programming, reach out to the respective animation companies for viewing rights, and organize a small staff to run the video rooms during convention hours.

Some specific duties include:

  • Creating a suggestion survey for possible anime to show.
  • Being the contact person for questions through email and social media.
  • Helping to recruit and train staff to run the video rooms.
  • Securing viewing rights in a timely manner.
  • Coordinating with other departments to make sure set up and programming runs as smoothly as possible.

Good communication skills and previous experience with convention programming is a plus.

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Website Admin:

The Website Admin is responsible for keeping the PopCult Anime Con website information up to date.

Specifically, they will need to:

  • Be familiar with WordPress
  • Post Announcements regarding Guests and Programming
  • Make sure all information posted is relevant, current, and correct
  • Keep open communication with department managers for the latest developments

Experience in web development is a plus.

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