Cosplay and Weapons Policy

Dress code and Weapons Policy


Your outfit should cover what is appropriate at a pool or beach (i.e. a bikini or swim trunks would be fine). If you are concerned about your cosplay please contact and ask.

Example of OKAY cosplay: Yoko from Gurren Lagann

Example of NOT OKAY cosplay: Female Titan from Attack on Titan with just pasties.


Footwear is encouraged at all times, and you will not be allowed into the hotel restaurant without it in accordance with Hotel Policies. “Footwear” must have a pad between the bottom of your foot and the floor. To enter the restaurant you must wear flip flops or shoes with more coverage.
If your character requires body paint, remember to seal it. Please be respectful of the hotel and con area as well.


  1. Weapons cannot have LIVE STEEL. This includes swords, knifes, etc.
  2. No projectile weapons unless non functional. This includes airsoft guns, BB guns, dart guns, etc.
  3. Guns must have an orange tip that is clearly identifiable.
  4. Weapons made of foam, wood, worbla, plastic, etc are ALLOWED but must be checked at Cosplay HQ.