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The Nerdfit Network (“Nerdfit”) is a Boston-based entertainment group has delivered hours of laughs and amazement at events since 2007.

With most of it’s members having been in the convention scene since the early 90’s, their experience and love for chaos have only added more shenanigans and fun to each event they attend.

Nerdfit provides a versatile list of talents including (but not limited to) hosting and performing in panel presentations, game shows, concerts, DJ sets and dance parties. One of their many signatures is Nerdfit Game Theater, an MST3K-inspired showcase of weird or hilarious video games from the past to present.

Outside of events, they provide live streams, videos and comedy articles about anime, video games, technology, and silly conspiracy theories.


Dollilicious who goes by Dolly is a local New England Cosplayer who has been cosplaying for the past 9 years! She loves to make costumes and dress up in them from all kinds of genres with her friends! She also does costuming and fashion on a professional level and recently graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. To help support her work check out her patreon at:

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