Featured Panelists

Featured Panelist: Doppoganga

Doppoganga is a Boston bound YouTuber that expresses his creativity through a variety of production media with a strong influence of anime and video games. He’s been performing on stages for 5 years at various conventions and has won numerous awards for performance doing action skits, and recently won First Place Master Division at Anime Boston performing an epic rap battle between Team Skull and Team Rocket. His content as a creator are action scenes, comedy skits, spoken word poetry, and music videos. He is known for making short skits or action scenes involving cosplayers–giving them a chance to have fun and showcase their cosplay. Doppoganga’s skills include filmmaking, action choreography, rapping, and spoken word poetry, all of which are inspired by anime. For this year, I’m bringing the Acrylic Tribe with me. The Acrylic Tribe is movement I created to inspire people to express their artistry with positive energy.


Featured Panelist: Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe

Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe’s dad took her to her first Star Trek convention as a child, sealing her future as a card carrying geek. A library associate with the Springfield city library, she tours around new England lecturing on various aspects of geek culture. She’s performed for all sorts of venues from The Norman Rockwell Museum to the Massachusetts library association. She has also staffed many conventions, including a three year stint as head of guest relations at Anime Boston. She advises ignoring the dog park, thinks Bruce Banner is the best Avenger, and takes her tea earl gray and hot.
Sarah lectures on a variety of geek cultural topics. From panels for fans to professional panels on using geek culture in educational settings, she has something for every event. She has been touring and speaking for over 10 years.

Featured Panelist: Rick L.

Originally hailing from the wilds of Millinocket, Maine, Rick got his first Nintendo Entertainment System at the age of five. Little did his family know what kind of monster they created. While other systems came into his life, he always came back to the NES and kept playing it years after it wasn’t the latest thing anymore. When he was twelve, he discovered Game Genie codes on the internet that were not part of the Galoob handbook and became extremely interested in the inner workings, leading to the re-creation of a site section from the small site NES World Wide where he was a staff member in the late 90’s, as a standalone site Game Genie Code Oddities from 2000-2002. Six years later, he would create a wiki about random errata on Wikia called Debug Modes & Unused Stuff, which would merge with The Cutting Room Floor in 2010 around the time he became site staff. In 2016, he began doing panels as an NES Expert, and has been going to conventions to spread his love and knowledge of the NES to this day. He does not know everything yet, but is embarking on a journey to indeed know it all.

Claim to Fame:

  • Collecting NES games since 1990; current game count at 615.
  • Administrator of The Cutting Room Floor; a wiki about unused content and little-known video game trivia.
  • Commentator for the Spring 2018 Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizer tournament.