Interested in being a vendor at PopCult Anime Con? We have a vibrant and intimate Vendors’ Room with naturally enclosed 7.5’x12’ booth spaces to showcase your wares!

Booths are currently limited to one per vendor as space is limited. Each space comes with one 8’ table and two chairs by default but feel free to bring your own tables or set-up equipment that will fit within your space. Special arrangement requests (another table, extra chairs, no chairs, etc.) may be sent in advance to Vending Room staff who will do their best to accommodate you. Also, the wall closest to your booth may be used to hang items with thumbtacks or poster putty and electricity will be provided at no extra charge (but you might want to bring an extension cord!)

Vending spaces are $150 each and include two convention badges. Additional convention badges will be available to purchase at a discounted rate for vendors once their application has been accepted. There will be set-up time available on both the Friday night and Saturday morning before the Vendors’ Room opens to the public.

Merchants must be 18 years or older to apply and a Massachusetts Sales Tax ID is required. Current Massachusetts state sales tax is 6.25% and should be collected on all items with the exception of clothing or shoes less than $175. For more info try!

PopCult Anime Con prohibits the sale of bootleg merchandise.

The Sheraton Framingham prohibits the sale of food or edibles of any kind at their venue.

Massachusetts General Law prohibits the sale of many weapon types with punishments “of not less than fifty nor more than one thousand dollars or by imprisonment for not more than six months.” (-MGL c. 269 s. 12)

Vendors who appear to mainly stock bootlegs, food or weapons will have their applications denied. Vendors found selling bootlegs, food or weapons of any kind at our event will be ejected from the Vendors’ Room and banned from returning to PopCult Anime Con; no refunds.

For additional information, questions and clarifications about vending at PopCult Anime Con, please contact Raye & Joanie at:

All set? Sign up here!